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Post  Post subject: Pets are gifts from God.  |  Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:51 am
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I have another quote I'd like to share that is out of Vincent Bugliosi's book: Divinity of Doubt: The God Question. He has a chapter on death with his primary issue with death being that it occurs at all. The quote that I want to share is in a note at the bottom of the page after he describes the great pain and sorrow that comes when we lose loved ones.
Vincent Bugliosi p. 186-87 wrote:
Even the loss of our pets is devastating to us. Through the years, ..., my wife and I have had several pets, and the death of each one, as millions have said about their pets, was like "a death in the family." These four-legged critters with tails and whiskers are so unbelievably cute and lovable that many times I've said, "They almost make you believe in God." Who else could create these little people with hearts so loyal they will kiss the hand that no longer has food to offer? And who, unlike babies, remain innocent all their lives? If they never existed and you asked one hundred of the most imaginative minds in the world to envision something as incredible as we know they are, I don't believe they would come up with anything as wonderful as these creatures.
My current avatar (which will likely remain unchanged) is a picture of my little man. Since then we have adopted another, a little girl, of the same breed and of similar size. Both are more than mere property to my wife and me, though not recognized as more than that under the law. My love for those animals has made me even more empathetic to the suffering of other creatures. My wife and I are both on our way to vegetarianism as a result. Except as, or in the, food for our dogs, we no longer buy meat to prepare meals at home. And, when we eat out, we try to order less meat. Luckily in Southern California there are some good vegetarian or vegan places to eat out.

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Post  Post subject: Re: Pets are gifts from God.  |  Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:36 am
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I like my adopted dog too Wm...half lab, half border collie(from what I can tell phenotypically.)

And as I age, I am starting to put more healthy vegetables and fruits into my diet..its good food too..but still an omnivore at heart, as enjoying some meat, for variety is welcomed.

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Post  Post subject: Re: Pets are gifts from God.  |  Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:28 pm

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I'd be devastated if my pet died & so would most owners. When I went into foster care, having my birth family kill our dog was more devastating than being away from them- my dog was much kinder than them. It broke my heart to see a dead dog on a leash in the highway near my home when on my way to lunch yesterday. Made it hard to eat chicken as orginally planned. :(

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